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The Omer - a physical offering practice

The 49 day ritual of Counting the Omer has never really appealed to me before this year. Growing up, it was just about counting days, adding day after day, not much to pull my mind or imagination into as a child. And when I grew up, everyone around me was deep into Kabbalistic calculations of the combination of the day - with detailed charts and ever spiralling explorations into the 7 Sefirot. It was all getting out of hand for me and said nothing about the movement of reaping barley. of reaping wheat. Of finding sparks in hard, physical, repetitive work. Like reaping, like cleaning the house, washing dishes, raising children.

Until this year when the wonderful Dana Tanner - Kennedy shared this post with me:

Now it fell into place and made sense! I can do physically counting grains (though I only have wheat and not barley in the kitchen just now).

This is now something I can do with my hands, be grateful for the food I have, and the Earth that still brings forth wonderful golden grains, wonderful green stuff sprouting out of the thawing soil, gorgeous buds arriving, unfolding every day.

This is a ritual I can practice at home with my family, as we marvel at the ever lengthening sunsets.

A ritual of gratitude connecting me to Earth and to those around me.

Here is my own Omer Calendar for this year - you can make one at home just as easy: add a grain for everyday you count. And here are the blessings.

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